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Art Therapy

Throughout this last year, there are many things that I have taken up that help with my mental health. Mostly, I learned how to adapt the things that I was already doing, turning them into powerful tools for healing and self-exploration. I have been using a Bullet Journal for the last few years in an… read more

Last Year

It’s funny how change seems to happen so slowly, but then you look back, even just one year, and life is completely different. Last year at this time, I was in deep shock, that would lead to depression, and a diagnosis of PTSD. Last year, on September first, I was violently raped by someone I… read more

Mixed Media

I’ve been having a debate with myself about whether or not to introduce my mixed media pieces to my website. I’ve been doing mixed media on and off for several years now, and I love the process. However, these pieces are all experiments and me having fun with a bunch of random junk that I… read more

My Favorite Mediums

(No, this is not an advertisement! I am a creature of habit, and I like my usual brand) There are many reasons that I prefer working in acrylic paints, from drying time to ease of clean up. But my favorite part about using them is the many mediums that can be used with them. From… read more

In the Closet… Literally

I rent a four-bedroom basement in the middle of the forest in the Pacific Northwest. I somehow manage to cram myself, my three children, a roommate, two dogs, and occasionally my boyfriend in here. With limited spaces in the house, and limited light, and even more limited alone time, I needed to find a place… read more

Abstract Paintings: For the Love of Freedom

Ok, so a little bit of history here. When I was a teen I worked for an uncle of mine who owned an art gallery. I would do landscaping, and polish the silver, and help cater his gallery events. Because of this exposure, I became a bit of an art snob, especially when it came… read more

The Space Traveling Toad: an ad for tomorrow

The Space Traveling Toad was my very first real steampunk piece of artwork. When I started sketching it out, I started by creating this story in my head about a space ship that was built to work like a frog. I chose the frog, partially because the biological adaptations that they have allow different types… read more

Finding Art Again

Sometimes a whim can change everything.  A few years ago, my ex-husband encouraged me to buy paints that were on sale after he saw me looking at them longingly. I hadn’t painted in years, and I hated the things I produced back then. I used to dream of being a great artist as a kid,… read more