K. jo is an artist, mother of three, construction worker, and a self-published author. She loves fantasy, mythology, psychology, and survival stories.


Ok, enough with that. Hi!

I am a multi-passionate creator, I love abstract art, steampunk, fantasy, mixed media, and whatever other genres of art that strike my fancy. I usually do acrylic on canvas, but I’ve been known to sculpt, make clocks, do woodwork, and the occasional watercolor. I create images that inspire me to see the world differently.

My main goal is to use my art to help create social change. I believe that requires honesty, and courage to face realities head on. So here it is “TRIGGER WARNING!” I’m going to occasionally be talking about rape, sexual assault, PTSD, violence, love, healing, growth, and how all these things come together in some of my pieces of artwork. I use art as a form of self-therapy, and sometimes all the words in the world cannot say what an image can capture. So, welcome! I hope you see something you like, and that you enjoy sharing this journey with me.