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Mixed Media

by K. Jo in All about Creating

I’ve been having a debate with myself about whether or not to introduce my mixed media pieces to my website. I’ve been doing mixed media on and off for several years now, and I love the process. However, these pieces are all experiments and me having fun with a bunch of random junk that I hoard for no particular reason other than that they’re cool looking. They are created with no plan in mind, no set of rules, and sometimes they’re a complete disaster!

For me, mixed media is a chance to break my own rules, to go against my compulsive need for a plan and perfection. Using different things, like random junk and mini-sculptures that I create for them gives me a moment to just enjoy the flow of creating, the spark of “what if?”

So, I’m being brave right now (see me doing it) and exposing my artist underbelly, the messy stuff, the uncontrolled stuff, the stuff that might not be what people think of when they think of art.

This first piece that I’m introducing is in true Steampunk mixed media spirit. It’s shabby and covered in a bunch of random metal bits, some scrap fabric that is used for cleaning grout off tile, broken parts of a kid’s toy, and a piece from inside an old broken outlet. It also has hinges, which tickles me immensely!


If you want to watch me make it, check out my YouTube Video here:

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